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Southern Cross Bush Regen is a full environmental management specialist with experience in  a diverse range of projects.  Our work within urban bushland and ecologically significant areas uses a variety of methods in natural area regeneration and revegetation.


Southern Cross Bush Regen are experienced and qualified professionals to undertake a range of regeneration strategies to assist with a diverse range of projects. Our extensive work in plant identification and weed control techniques are managed on-site by qualified, licensed supervisors.

Regeneration operations include: 

  • Removal of threats (predominantly invasive weeds) to increase the local biodiversity

  • Work with landowners that manage disturbed or modified bushland areas

  • Work in conjunction with Regional Councils that actively manage natural areas for nature conservation including bushland, dunes and wetlands

  • Recovering sensitive and threatened habitats

  • Monitoring, mapping and site progress reporting

  • Cost effective and practical range of chemical and non-chemical weed control methods

  • Contaminated land remediation


Once weeds are removed or reduced, native species can recolonise the areas naturally or we spread native seed or replant seedlings to help re-establish native habitats.

Southern Cross Bush Regen can assist in both large and small-scale revegetation projects.​

Revegetation services include:

  • Preventing and stabilising erosion

  • Revegetation methods to improve species diversity and habitat for animals

  • Revegetation to achieve rapid site rehabilitation

  • Long Stem planting for flood prone waterways and exposed sites

  • Revegetation methods for  areas where on going maintenance is difficult e.g. dense bushland and forest areas

  • Site maintenance work post planting. This often involves watering, weed control, slashing and attending to plant health

New Growth
Koala Bear

Development of land management plans follows a strict process involving guidlines from Local, State and Federal government agencies, the public and other stakeholders.


Land management planning ensures that all land operations and related activities are carried out in ways that support the sustainable management of all environmental resources for generations to come.


Our aim is to provide a land management plan for every project that encompasses all aspects of the immediate and long term management of the site.

  • Development of customised approaches for ecological problems

  • Vegetation management plans

  • Flora & Fauna surveys 

  • Compliance with government and council regulations

  • Landcare for community groups

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